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New at Chilfiish, start using a virtual server for as little as $149 per month!

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Servers are behind a full firewall sytem
  • Multiple Power Supplies
  • Full RAID 6 storage with hot spare hard drives
  • Linux and Windows OS

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    Web Hosting Canada

    Web Site Hosting
    Canada's premier web site hosting company, Chilifish offers complete web hosting packages to solve all your hosting needs.

    Our Web Site Hosting accounts have options to the following:
    Active Server Pages
    PHP / MySql
    eMail accounts and aliases
    Server Side Includes
    Site Traffic Reports
    Web Based Tech Support

    Additional services available with our
    Web Site Hosting services:
    Secure Server (SSL) Web Site Cert - $175 cdn/Year
    Additional eMail Accounts: 5 for $60/yr; 20 for $180/yr; 100 for $300/yr
    Domain Name Registration & Management
    FronPage Server Extentions: One time setup fee of $50

    Questions? Email or call us at toll free at
    1-888-227-8421 or direct 403-234-0844.
    Barebones Plus Advanced The Works
     Server Resources:
     Web Hosting Disk quota:   1000 MB 2000 MB 5000 MB
     Web Hosting Bandwidth:   10 Gig 20 Gig 50 Gig
     # of FTP Accounts:   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
     Sub-Domains :   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
     Email details:
     Email disk quota:   100 MB 200 MB 500 MB
     Email POP3 accounts:   20 100 100
     Forwards/Aliases:   unlimited unlimited unlimited
     Auto-Responders:   unlimited unlimited unlimited
     Mailing lists:   unlimited unlimited unlimited
     Web email manager:   yes yes yes
     Developer details:
     Server Side Includes (SSI):    yes yes yes
     ASP Support:   yes yes yes
     FTP:   yes yes yes
     PHP:   yes yes yes
     MySQL:   yes yes yes
     Server Side Includes (SSI):   yes yes yes
     Password Protect Directories:   yes yes yes
     SSL Server: (certificate required)   yes yes yes
     Server Logging, optional:
     Access to log files:   yes yes yes
     HTTP Analyze Web Stats:   no yes yes
     Backup:   Yes Yes Yes
     Pricing details:
     Setup-Fee:   Free Free Free
     Price (billed anually) :    $240 based
    on $20/mo.
    $360 based
    on $30 /mo.
    $480 based
    on $40 /mo.
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