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New at Chilfiish, start using a virtual server for as little as $149 per month!

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Servers are behind a full firewall sytem
  • Multiple Power Supplies
  • Full RAID 6 storage with hot spare hard drives
  • Linux and Windows OS

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    Data Centre

    A reliable network
    Redundant connectivity
    OC-48 main connection with OC-24 backup
    Connected to the largest fiber optic network backbone in North America via 360 Networks & Group Telecom

    Our host's Network Operations Center (NOC) is connected directly into Internet backbone via redundant connectivity, peering and network architecture. The company's optical mesh fiber network is one of the largest and most advanced on the continent, spanning approximately 33,000 route miles (53,000 kilometers) in Canada and the United States.

    The network maintains reliability with redundant and diverse paths to avoid single points of failure. Our 192 backbone is connected directly to a multiple fiber networks (OC-48 main connection with OC-24 backup) utilizing high-end Cisco equipment (Catalyst 5505, 3550, Cisco Router 12000 series, and Cisco 7204.) What does all this mean? Lightning Speed !! Your website will always be fast and reliable.

    100% up time
    Secure Firewall Management

    Redundant power supplies are incorporated in our NOC along with battery back-up UPS. This means that if our power goes out, your website will still function. 100% up-time means unmached reliability. Secure hosting is available and sites are served over independent multiple high-speed fibre-optic connections to major Internet backbones. our servers are monitor every 60 seconds through offsite monitoring computers. 

    Note: It is the responsibility of the client to maintain a backup copy of any their images, web pages and/or files, whether uploaded by the client, an agent/reseller or ChiliFish. See Our Terms and Conditions

    Physical Protection
    7 x 24  security
    Web-based security access reports

    Multiple layers of 24x7 security cameras and key pads. Access to equipment area 24/7 via card key and key pads Non-customers enter equipment area by escort only All cabinets, cages, and suites are locking. Facilities are monitored with 24 hour recording and 5 day video storage. The data centre is designed to provide flawless operation in the face of any eventuality, these state-of-the-art, high-security facilities offer a flexible, safe and scalable home for companies who depend on the Internet as a critical part of their business strategy.

    Power Systems
    Dedicated battery banks for each UPS
    Redundant diesel power generators
    Power distribution units
    Redundant UPS power back-up system
    Dual input power feeds to each rack

    Power systems in our data centers are designed to provide continuous, conditioned power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our data centers receive high-voltage power feeds, which are independent from base building power feeds. The power feeds are then fed into redundant UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems that are designed to handle the load of the entire facility in the event of a power failure. In the event of an extended power failure, twin diesel generators are capable of supplying power for 24 hours without refueling.

    Power in the facility is distributed to each rack via PDUs (Power Distribution Units), which provide power conditioning, voltage conversion and advanced monitoring. Each customer rack also receives dual input power feeds to ensure true redundancy in power.

    Climate Control
    Independent of city and building power and water
    Minimum N+1 redundancy
    Temperature and humidity held within strict tolerances

    Designed to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency, our data centre is equipped with advanced climate control systems. Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and controlled to exacting standards. All HVAC systems are fully independent of city and building water and power, fully redundant and engineered to operate the entire facility at 100% capacity even in the event of a component failure.

    Fire Control
    Advanced fire suppression using FM200
    A dry-pipe, pre-action sprinkler system provides a last resort back-up to the VESDA and FM200 systems

    Our data centers utilize multiple stages of fire protection. Our facilities utilize a sophisticated computerized fire detection system that is continuously monitored. In the event of a fire, an FM200 fire suppression system releases a localized non-harmful gas to suppress the fire. In the event of a failure in the FM200 system, localized pre-action sprinkler systems will subdue the fire. Fire extinguishers are also provided throughout the facility.

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