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New at Chilfiish, start using a virtual server for as little as $149 per month!

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Servers are behind a full firewall sytem
  • Multiple Power Supplies
  • Full RAID 6 storage with hot spare hard drives
  • Linux and Windows OS

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    Who we are

    Since our conception we were in search for a web hosting company that would supply us with all the tools, support and connection that would maintain the growing needs for our customer base. Through trial and error, we were unable to find a company that offered the service and packages we required at an affordable price.

    Today, ChiliFish has given our existing customer's the ability to have access to the most reliable connection, speed and the best customer support that we could possibly give, not to mention weve acquired a group of highly experienced IT professionals and have gained customers for life. We are proud of what we have accomplished which is a continual reminder of our daily growth.

    Our customers can rest assured that we are here now, and will be here for many years to come. Thanks to everyone who has made Chilifish what it is today, Canadas leading edge web hosting company.

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